This just in: Chinese are Chinese

Full credit to Jesse for spotting the Hongcouver story (from a tip?) and spending a few hundred of his hard-earned $150,000 per annum to zip out to Vancouver and back. Quality segment, A+++ peddler, would listen again.

I assume Jesse Nation is not replete with australophiles, hence reacted with bafflement to guest Ian Young. At the risk of national stereotyping (it isn’t “ethnic” stereotyping), that really is how Australians talk.

  • First, they actually will talk, unlike taciturn Torontonians. (How have we avoided Brixton-style race riots? By not talking to each other in public.)
  • They do talk that fast and do have something to say.
  • Even their equivalent of Toronto-style downtown progressives, the kind who give thanks to the Aboriginal land they’re standing on at the outset of every meeting, have no time for political correctness or euphemism.

It takes an Australian to honestly report on the Chinese in Vancouver. Downtown progressives are unable to utter the central proper noun in the preceding sentence for fear of being called RAYSISS. (Everything is racism to these kids. Misgender a tranny and it proves you’re racist.)

En tout cas, you might have seen the handwringing post from a self-hating white-male social-justice warrior in response to Jesse’s segment. All about the Other, apparently, even though Young proved it’s actually all about the Chinese.

If you want lessons on this,
look to Stieg Larsson

Jesse, who sometimes reads this site, is invited to write in and tell me how much it hurt for him to out Ian Young as Chinese-Australian. Was he afraid his friends would take him to task? Is this how he felt when the issue was John Baird’s being gay? All very private matters, yes?

What Young proves is journalism in Canada needs a foreigner to come along and say Chinese people are Chinese.

Now I want you to imagine an enterprising young reporter who wants to develop a “beat” by covering a dangerous enemy group. Anyone who disagrees with any detail of downtown-leftist thought is deemed an enemy by progressive journalists, but I mean real enemies:

  1. Neo-Nazis
  2. White supremacists
  3. Islamic fundamentalists

Canada really only has one of those factions. But imagine Ernst Zündel were still hunkered down there on Carlton St. What does this young hack do?

Nothing. He loathes these people so much (unless they’re Muslims – cf. Jesse and niqabs) that to even hang out at the same Ford Nation rally just kills them. They’re really the Other.

How did Stieg Larsson handle it? He knew all these right-wingers personally. He knew them so well he could guess who was responsible for certain attacks.

Around the mid-1980s, when militants on the extreme right began robbing banks to finance their activities, breaking into military installations to steal weapons, and killing people for racist or political reasons, the Legal Affairs and News in Brief department within the [news] agency began consulting Stieg. More often than not, he would know the past political affiliations of the suspects, their accomplices, and even the milieux they frequented….

[A]t the time of the Oklahoma City bombing…. Stieg understood from the beginning – unlike all the media – that the culprit was most likely an American militia member inspired by the far-right rhetoric of William Pierce’s Turner Diaries.

Any Canadian hacks willing to get to know Chinese millionaires in Vancouver? They’re not even the enemy, are they? But the answer is still no.

I tried to explain this to Jesse in our first conversation, but he had already tuned out. Even black guys like Domise and Cole can only conceive of white people and “people of colour.” All very nonspecific, because to be specific is to be RAYSISS (QED). That isn’t how anyone trained in sociology, geography, or linguistics looks at the world. (Geography here does not mean the study of land masses.) You don’t know anything till you get specific.

I say the foregoing as a linguist with an interest in minority-language preservation. At U of T, I learned more from sitting around the lunchroom gabbing with a retired geographer than from anyone else ever. You guys wouldn’t even want to talk to him once you found out he became a geographer/linguist because he was first of all a Christian missionary.

Since I am now making this all about me, lemme keep right on going. How many citizens of Jesse Nation are interested in getting to know me? None, right? People keep making sub rosa remarks that I’m RAYSISS or a bigot despite the fact that, unlike them, when I meet a nonwhite person I can reasonably guess where they’re from (including “Canada”) and can guess what languages they speak. That gives me an icebreaker to talk to them in the first place – something an Australian would do but a Torontonian wouldn’t.

Or you could just keep doing things your way, reiterating with your progressive white friends a set range of approved topics using prescreened vocabulary. Some diversity hire you’d make at a lamestream newsroom.