Jesse Nation kids who are no Stieg Larsson

I previously wrote that no Jesse Nation babyhack (like a babydyke but “cisgendered” hence transmisogynist) could ever stomach getting to know whatever right-wing-extremist groups might exist and/or might be plotting the overthrow of Canada. I used the example of Stieg Larsson. How ancient (also dead).

Justin Ling got a whole episode on CanadaLand prime after throwing down a gauntlet before a disinterested Stephen Harper. If Jesse hadn’t interviewed his acquaintance, who, unlike some of us, Has Correct Thought, then Ling’s bold, decisive action might have had all the effect of a neutrino whizzing through the earth, as I like to say.

Jesse Nation kids whining about Stephen Harper. Just like your parents used to do!

Follow these models instead, young hacks.

Or don’t bother. You might offend an angry man in a dress on Twitter, a description that admittedly doesn’t narrow down the field much, or Goldsbie. Then your career would be over before it began.