Patreon spokesmodel Jesse Brown

Jesse appeared on Patreon Podcast Episode 13.

  • The podcast is needlessly difficult to find, in part because one cannot search for Patreon and podcast without producing spurious hits. And because there are competing “official” Patreon podcasts. And because these fucking idiots use SoundCloud as a pretend podcasting platform and as a pretend homepage. (A podcast requires an RSS feed. I’m not going to sit there fixedly in front of my computer listening to your goddamned audio file in a browser.)
  • This has to be the most gladhanding host I’ve ever heard – on a podcast with the lowest stakes imaginable – who has, moreover, a phonologically ambiguous name that seems to have been written down exactly nowhere online. I am someone who gets very upset at being unable to spell a word, let alone a proper name.
  • Appalling twangy artifactual digital audio quality. I covered this already.

What did Jesse say? (As ever, narrow transcription.)

  1. At Maclean’s, “there was a climate of disencouragement, and some of my stuff just never was printed when I would say certain things about Rogers,” though the National Governing Media Critic has never told us what those things are
  2. “Some of the biggest criticism I get is from people who listen to me and support the show financially. I don’t really want ‘fans’ necessarily”
  3. “All the concerns that I think inhibit a certain kind of journalism – you know, having to go through an editor, though there’s huge advantages to that in terms of, you know, copy-editing and fact-checking and stuff, but, you know, as we grow we’re taking on more and more and more of that side of things…. The truth is there’s no better editor, no better fact-checker than the public,” who did not expose the Irvings, Kevin Crull, Leslie Roberts, Peter Mansbridge, Rex Murphy, Amanda Lang, Jayson Blair, Stephen Glass, Jonah Lehrer, or weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. “Unfortunately, you have to publish first to get their input often”
  4. “I’ve had like, you know, five or ten people pull their funding because they think that I was, you know, too voracious in pursuing a certain story or a certain subject of a story,” by which he probably does not mean Leah McLaren
  5. “I think it would be dangerous if I had people of one political stripe” – it’s called Jesse Nation – “and just wanted me to be their attack dog.” (Jesse’s attack dogs are the black guys he hired)
  6. “I have more stories than I actually have the resources to put into”
  7. “I have a freelance budget” (a few dollars per story)
  8. “I have an investigative reporter on staff now” (oh?)
  9. “I could hire even two more positions toward media criticism and reporting on it and not, you know, have anyone sitting on their hands”
  10. When asked what non-audio, non-video tool he can’t live without (a bizarrely worded question), Jesse said Twitter and social media and not, say, a published telephone number, BBEdit, and a proper FTP program. Jesse explained that he uses direct messaging to route around sources’ use of office E-mail that might be monitored by their bosses
  11. Jesse further describes Googling and Facebooking and Twitter advanced-searching and LinkedInning the targets of his stories – like all those women who “fled” the Globe? – as “forensic,” explicitly rejecting the term “lazy.” (The dumb Millennial’s cry: I ran a search)