As of 2015.08.12, CanadaLand Watch is suspended.

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I’m Joe Clark, a distant acquaintance of strapping, affable Hebraic hack Jesse Brown, the longtime freelance journo/CBC contract worker/podcaster. I listen to his podcast of media criticism, CanadaLand.

Jesse wrote a career-defining feature story for The Walrus about how there actually is no media criticism in Canada and how his career ground to a halt after his podcast began lightly critiquing just a few names of the Toronto media elite, not one of whom could reasonably be called a scion thereof. The piece completely ignored the media criticism that actually goes on in Canada, no doubt because none of his downtown Toronto progressive friends are writing or reading it or linking to it or reblogging it or posting it on Twitter. Or just because its politics are not downtown-progressive-pure.

I present CanadaLand Watch. I’m doing this in the grand tradition – now quite forgotten, and never actually known by CanadaLand’s audience – of the post-9/11 warbloggers who inspired nested levels of media criticism. First came Media Whores Online, a central anti-warblogger site, which begat Media Whores Online Watch, Media Whores Online Watch Watch, and the much-lamented Media Whores Online Watch Watch Watch. (That fourth-order criticism site rarely had much in the way of copy, but I admire the chutzpah.)

My philosophy here is simple. A media critic should expect media criticism. And of course it should come from the man whom Brown and his circle trust the least. Who else is going to do it?


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