Enough with Jesse’s “mental health” bullshit

Jesse sure loves repeating rumours about disfavoured members of the journalism tribe.

“Loves” may be too strong. His voice betrays misgivings even as he cannot stop himself from asking me, or Ezra Levant, or now Paul Watson when we stopped beating our wives.

In Watson’s case, Jesse dresses up his rumour-mongering in the fig leaf of “mental health.” I listened twice to the inquisition Watson had to suffer at Jesse’s tremulous hands. I conclude Jesse was nervous enough that he just plain forgot to say to Watson “You may think you’re cute and amusing, but people tell me you’re a bigot.”

I understand Jesse was trying to make the point that a lot of effort seems to be going into killing Watson’s story before it reaches publication. Fine. Repeating innuendo just adds to it.

By floating the accusation that Watson resigned from the Star not over principle but due to losing his marbles, Jesse furthers the prevailing sentiment that we’d be happy to visit you in the hospital after you break your leg but your depressive episode just proves you were a loser all along.

Do you think I’m talking about Jan Wong? I am. And I’m making another reference to Hack Mental Help Week, which I asked Jesse to support. (At a cost of $0. Jesse now grosses a quarter-mil a year.)

Are your journalist friends keeping things from you? Well, you wouldn’t know, but this is why. You and your pals communicate a clear if implicit message that some are deserving and some just naturally and irrefutably aren’t. One of my themes in this publication is that Jesse’s style of journalist is like a Republican patrolling a border. You’ll never be one of us, the message holds, and now the Internet gives us umpteen ways to keep you on the safe side of the fence.

Is it just possible that Watson isn’t crazy but actually did resign on principle? Divergence from consensus is hard for left-wing journalists to accept.

Jesse has now spent three full episodes accusing guests at the behest of unnamed defamers. I was the first and I fear Watson won’t be the last.

War reporting

  • Sebastian Junger’s audiobook reading of War can’t be beat.
  • Restrepo is a solid documentary (do not watch Korengal).
  • You probably don’t know about Tim Hetherington’s book of photographs, Infidel.
  • Junger wrote a bang-up piece on PTSD for Vanity Fair.
  • I would like to know what Paul Watson thinks of Junger’s RISC Training.
    • Jesse should pay for a young Canadian hack’s RISC instruction, but only after he supports my projects at zero cost in capital.

The fact that everything I listed here came from one war reporter shows I know basically nothing about the field. Neither does Jesse.

Additional fun fact: In a different era, Watson and I had the same editor at the Star, who told me I was the hardest writer to get along with he’d ever met and specifically name-dropped Watson as counterexample. Do not fucking call Paul Watson crazy.