This just in: Most beautiful people are women (and some deliver the news)

How excruciating to listen to Jesse grill competent wymmynz about why they look so good.

For that is exactly what he did to Adrienne Batra and Alex Pierson, at length, on Episode 75, whose entire purpose was to shake down the guests to confirm Jesse Nation’s biases about Sun News Network, conservatives, and the right to exist neither of those have.

The guests didn’t take the bait. Nor did they take the bait about the simply outrageous! double standard of newscastresses wearing tight, revealing clothing and generally being younger and prettier than newscasters. This is an ostensibly heterosexualist man asking those questions. A tall, strapping man with facial hair, no less.

I don’t know why it takes a gay male who basically does not even notice women – who wander around the city with pixelated Rubik’s Cubes for heads as far as I know – to explain the facts of life to Jesse Brown and his self-abnegating coterie of downtown progressives, who never met a fact about themselves they couldn’t apologize for.

Of all the beautiful people in the world, some are children and some are men – but most are women. Of course I’ve read and watched Ways of Seeing, of which the library is getting the French translation on my suggestion, so I don’t particularly need a lecture on the male gaze in art. Nor do I need Lisa Simpson to shoot up her hand in Ms Hoover’s metaphorical classroom and remind me of culturally specific standards of beauty. I’m not stupid and you aren’t either. But if you’re Jesse’s kind of people, you are in denial.

Art throughout history (at least post-Lascaux [cf. Jerry Saltz]) has venerated the female form. With its curves and voluptuousness (and, in the 20th century, even with its abs), with its singular power of procreation, there is simply more to venerate.

Female beauty is a human universal

Let’s put a nice-looking man on a pedestal. He’s naked, but Hollywood male modesty is recapitulated here. Would you like to sit and look at him all day?

Michael 10 - White Cube I

Would you like to sit and look at a naked lady instead? Choose a depiction from any era in history and any culture. Is the answer yes? Now please write in with your own explanation why the male nude simply does not work most of the time, least of all in photography.

It seems like half the gay population in the West directly works in furtherance of women’s beauty. Perhaps our evolutionary imperative really is to enhance the fuckability of chicks. Michelangelo’s “David” is all well and good, as is every other piece of art idolizing the male form, what little of it there is. Still, essentially everyone but masculine gay males, historically a very recent development and quite in disfavour among tranny-obsessed LGBTs, loves looking at beautiful women. Even some of us watched Project Runway and, from a never-before-tapped wellspring, instantly spouted critiques when girl models wearing girl clothes sashayed down the runway.

Some of my best friends are butch lesbians who despair that they cannot find a pair of men’s shoes in ladies’ sizes, but women’s attire has throughout history and across cultures manifested itself in more forms, more colours, and more ostentation than men’s clothing.

I just cannot believe I have to tell you people all this.

Women in broadcast news dress better

Women in broadcast news dress better (that could mean skimpier) because ladieswear has a million acceptable variations at higher social registers. So do their hairstyles. Men can wear suits or tuxedoes and that’s really that. (Kilt and sporran? Delightful on a ginger, at least if fake fur is used, but what is he wearing above the hips?)

Is Jesse worried that TV news hires young wymmynz and old-fogey males? I see middle-aged women on Canadian TV all the time. (Even that one time they put an American on the air she was in her mid-40s.) Jesse’s guests are 40 and 41. If they look good for their age, that’s because they take care of themselves. Their male colleagues at Sun have no one but themselves to blame for being fat and shambolic.

Appearances matter

Nobody remembers Irshad Manji’s reading the business news on CP24. I do – and she was amazing! I have never been interested in business news before or since. She still wore women’s suits and looked like a woman.

Essentially, Jesse put Batra and Pierson on trial for the crime of failing to look like Rachel Maddow. There’s only one of her and that isn’t Jesse’s guests’ personal style. You cannot expect naturally feminine heterosexualist females not to act and dress that way. It’s their goddamned right to do so much more than it is an enslaved Muslim woman’s “right” to wear a niqab, which topic Jesse has talked about on three episodes of his “media” podcast.

If Jesse is really trying to say that conservative TV personalities basically all look like Ann Coulter hence are victims of the patriarchy, ask them that. Ah, but he did ask Batra and Pierson and the answer was no. I guess they don’t understand they’re being oppressed.

Appearances matter, a fact women and gay men and a few others accept. Jesse doesn’t. To his political class, appearance equates to racism and sexism. It does not.

Some people are beautiful. Most of them are women. Some work in TV. Jesse can get off his ill-expressed moral high horse, and can additionally tuck his fucking shirt in when appearing onstage.