13: “Show Notes”

We can and must hold Jesse to his statement of purpose (from Episode 13: “Show Notes”):

What I want, what I’m hoping to kinda work towards, is a greater realization that it’s OK to be critical of one another in this industry the same way that we are critical of every other industry and institution. You know that thing that journalists do where we afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted, where we ask tough questions? We need to do that to ourselves. It’s a cultural thing, and it’s the culture that I’m trying to play some role in changing – that things not be so chummy and incestuous and that we understand that that’s what we do professionally. It’s not personal. That’s the way things are in a lot of other countries that have a robust free press/free discourse. I think that that is really desperately needed here, and I think that I have to not get so frustrated that it hasn’t happened yet, you know, three months into this project.

Then he pisses in the pool somewhat by musing that what he really needs are a few “breakthrough shows” with “high-profile guests.” But at no time would Jesse be “kicking anybody in the shins.”

Regardless, we must always keep in mind Jesse’s high-minded declaration that nothing he does is personal and that we in the Media must not act surprised when we receive impotent taps on the shin.